big gourmet, loves culinary art and travelling. Also likes the sea,he was in the Marines after all. Likes animals,occasionally more than some humans. Doesn’t talk much but a good organizer and a great leader.


loves all kind of arts, movies ,theater and music. Thinks a nation is nothing without culture. Her strong side is the ability to make new friends in less than five minutes. Known as the most cheerful person of our team. A young woman full of life who brings good mood anywhere she goes. Loves to travel, mostly by car and is a fan of long vacations with little expenses. The perfect hostess of a youth Hostel.


Likes to cook and to spend time with friends. Graduated the Uni for Turism, considers himself an open mind and has lots of friends. Loves the sea and having long vacations to sunny countries. Successfuly combines his passion for travel with the one for culinary art. He adds value to our business.


An open and friendly person. Joined the team out of the friendship with Vicky and Lorenzo. He likes teamwork and loves spending time with friends,having a drink. Capable to spend whole nights, that is why you’ll meet him after sunset at most.